Hi there

Have you ever stopped in the middle of putting that last Maryland chocolate cookies in your mouth and wondered just how much better and stronger your body could be if you exercised often and ate right? Yea, me neither. Jk.

This exact scenario has literally played out five times this year, and each time it happens, I comply. I put down the junk and start an exercise routine, basking in the euphoria of how good and healthy I immediately feel.

Impressive right? Wrong.

Anytime I feel like I have finally mastered my body and made fitness my bitch, there I go again, skipping out on my exercise routine until I convince myself that I have gone far too long without exercising to start again, or getting high on junk food and forgetting to eat properly.

Hence this blog.

I have somehow convinced myself that the only way to make fitness a lifestyle is to document it. Documenting my successes and failures is probably the reason why I have always been such a diary addict, so coming to this conclusion is no surprise.  However, I have never done something so publicly before, and I am anxious to see how it turns out.

‘Nuff said, join me in my ‘documented’ health and fitness journey, as I discover what work works for me and what doesn’t.

Join thGymBudi

Random picture of A pineapple wearing sunglasses, because why not?

I want to grow theGymBudi to be a community of people who are interested in helping each other out in our respective health and fitness journeys.

This is because, I believe the best way for a good and healthy habit to take form is if you build that habit with someone else. I am going to be building a healthy habit with you guys as my buddies, and I would like you all to see me as you buddy too 🙂

I encourage you to share tips, tricks, praises and constructive criticism, LOL, this should be fun!

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